WOC Pokemon Mixer - Random Type Group Break #6


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WOC Pokemon Mixer - Random Type Group Break #6

Welcome to another West Oz Cards Pokemon Break!!!

This will break once all spots sold.

Products in this break;

  • Champions Path Hatterene V Box x1 (4 Packs +Promos)
  • Shining Fates Pikachu V Box x1 (4 Packs +Promos)
  • Vivid Voltage Alakazam V Box x1 (4 Packs +Promos)
  • Battle Styles Booster Pack x4
  • Vivid Voltage Booster Pack x4
  • Sword & Shield Booster Pack x4


How it works;

  1. Participants purchase their spot(s) via the web-site check-out system.
  2. Prior to the group break, the participant and Pokemon Type lists are posted in our Facebook Group: bit.ly/WOCLOVERS.
    • Pokemon Types are; Colorless, Dark, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Psychic, Steel, Trainer & Water.
  3. The Pokemon type list is randomized in random.org and then matched up to the participant list. The Participant list is NOT randomized. A trade period will be available prior to the break.
  4. The boxes are opened live and all cards will go to their respective teams.
    • Promo cards, pins and other items will go to their respective Pokemon types.
    • Elite Trainer Box contents (except sealed packs) go to the Card Type of the promo card inserted in the ETB.

Breaks can be viewed on either;


Purchase includes;

  • All cards will ship.
  • Top loaders and team bags for all hits. (one-touches available at additional cost)
  • Regular postage within Australia. Other countries are charged at the applicable country rate in the check-out system. (Tracking and/or insurance extra)

 Additional group break rules;

  • Each card belongs to the Card Type as identified on the card.
  • Code Cards will be shared evenly between all participants.